About us

Being two individuals with disabilities, Taylor and myself (Giovanni) created RavenFox to bring novelty to a sector dominated by companies that struggle to innovate.

RavenFox's Mission

Our primary mission is to invigorate the medical equipment sector, specifically mobility aids, by offering products with competitive advantages in terms of design, functionality, ergonomics, and price.

Starting our mission by introducing an XLR USB charger compatible with electric wheelchairs seemed to us the simplest and least capital-risky way to enter the market and make a name for ourselves in the "disability world".

What Future for RavenFox?

After three years in business and an economic downturn, our goal now is to ramp up our handmade charger production and introduce you to new high-value-added products, some of which will not be solely for people with disabilities.

Alongside the increase in our production made possible by streamlining our production processes and a massive dose of elbow grease despite our disabilities, we are currently working on our first prototype electric wheelchair and a small scooter, both of which boast significantly expanded battery life and incorporate many features from other industries.

This journey will be long, but we hope it will shake up the established norms set by many wheelchair manufacturers who show little innovation and charge exorbitant prices for certain features.