USB C Charger – XLR 30 watts for power wheelchair


Dual USB-C & USB-A Fast Charger adaptor for Power Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter allowing you to charge your smartphone or any other device with the XLR plug of your power wheelchair and mobility scooter.

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USB Charger for Power Wheelchair allowing to charge USB-A and USB-C devices with your electric wheelchair or a mobility scooter.

Charge your smartphone, tablet, gaming console, or cool down with a USB fan during hot weather is now possible anywhere!

With Ravenfox, don't stay stuck to an outlet while sitting on batteries!

2 USB ports (1 USB C and 1 USB A)

Charge whatever you want via the new USB C standard or the old USB A standard. Of course, you can use both USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously!

Charge on the go

Charge your devices while on the move. Even if you leave your smartphone plugged in all day, your wheelchair will not lose more than 5% of its charge.

30 watts of power

Enough power even for your most power-hungry devices. Tablet, Nintendo Switch, laptop...


Charge smartphones, tablets, portable consoles, and even laptops with a 30-watt charge.

Plug & Play

Easy to plug in via the XLR charging socket at the back of the joystick on all power wheelchairs.


Input Voltage: 24V; Output Voltage: 5-20V (5A max); Dimensions: 7cm x 2.3cm; Weight: 40g; Material: Metal, Plastic; Operating Temperature: -5°C to +35°C; Certified: CE and FCC; Two-year warranty.

In addition to the available colors, we can create special collections for retailers.
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Our USB charger for electric wheelchairs is guaranteed for two years against any manufacturing defects. Ravenfox will repair or replace it if it stops working within two years from your purchase date.

User manual.

Demonstration video.