IMPORTANT: Please read this user manual in its entirety before using the XLR – USB charger. 


Before use, ensure that the device to which the charger will be connected has a continuous current with a voltage of 24 volts.
Be sure not to reverse the connection of the charger to avoid any short circuit.
The charger should not be used in the rain.
Electric wheelchairs with two XLR plugs should not keep the charger connected to the wheelchair while it is plugged into a power outlet to recharge its batteries. 
The charger's operating temperature ranges from -5 to 35°C.
The ideal operating temperature for the charger is between 5°C and 25°C.

Usage tips

Any type of USB device can be connected while the wheelchair is stopped. While on the move, we recommend connecting only one smartphone.
Only one USB port should be connected to enable fast charging.

Fast charge

To benefit from fast charging on your mobile phone, you must have a compatible USB cable.
For the majority of Android smartphones, the USB cable enabling fast charging is included with the phone.
Regarding Apple phones, you must update your phone to iOS 17 for the USB-C enabling fast charging to work properly. If you are using an iOS version between 15.4 and 16, you should use the USB-A to charge your iPhone.


In case of use during high temperatures above 25°C:

  • the charger will automatically reduce its power to prevent overheating.
  • we advise you not to leave it in direct sunlight.

If both USB ports are in use, the charger will reduce its power, discontinue fast charging, and deliver only 5 volts per port.